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Mar 052015
Class Warfare is Here - Wealth DailyWealth Daily Class Warfare is HereWealth DailyHard to believe that it's now been three and a half years since the Occupy Wall Street movement was first making headlines. It's less hard to believe that this supposed revolution — spearheaded primarily by un-housebroken vagrants, heavily indebted… Read the rest
Mar 042015
High-Ranking Counterterrorism Cop Sued For Randomly Arresting Protester - GothamistHigh-Ranking Counterterrorism Cop Sued For Randomly Arresting ProtesterGothamistThree years ago, a small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters stood in Zuccotti Park shortly after midnight and watched the NYPD handcuff eight demonstrators for no apparent reason. None of the arresting officers would tell us why… Read the rest
Mar 042015
Officers Targeted by Anonymous-Style “Doxxing” Attack - Breitbart NewsBreitbart News Officers Targeted by Anonymous-Style “Doxxing” AttackBreitbart NewsThe term refers to a technique, made infamous by the Anonymous hacking collective during the Occupy Wall Street protests, in which hackers post a target's private information online. The officers' names, addresses, and information about their children… Read the rest